Hi! How nice that you found your way to my website.

I am Ines and I am a Lighting and Stage Designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I love creating emotional experiences and designing immersive spaces. While combining my passion for theater, culture, scenography, and good lighting in both areas, I want to inspire and amaze people. I like to transform spaces to open up new unknown worlds for the visitors. I am interested in exploring the relation between space and human and what role we take towards our surrounding.

My inspiration not only comes from the playfulness and diversity of light and material, but also from the people I meet on my way. Let’s connect – I love to hear your stories, share experiences, and run projects together!

In the meantime, have a look at my latest projects.

2021 – 2023 | Study of Architectural Lighting Design | KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden | Master of Science

find out more about my thesis here: Soundforest 2.0 – The role of lighting inclusive interactive museum installations

2019 – 2021 | Assistant Stage and Costume Designer | Theater Erlangen | Germany

2014 – 2019 | Study of Interior Design | University of Applied Sciences Coburg | Germany | Bachelor of Arts

2016 | Internship at Lumen³ | Lighting Design Office | Munich | Germany


Silhouette Award 2023

Scholarship for the annual IES conference in Chicago