stage design, costumes

Theater play by Sergej Gössner

An old wooden circus wagon quietly creaks into the spotlight. It whirs, purrs and jingles inside. Until suddenly, a wall swings open to reveal a figure. The figure is dark, flashy, mysterious. It is man, woman, terrifyingly awesome. She is him. He is she. It is: Der Fabelhafte Die. (S)he is the shining heart of a small group of characters who travel around, collect stories and present them to their audience. Stories about being the same, stories about being different. Raise the curtain on Klaus the duck, who many people read as swan, on the the strongest man in the world with a penchant for blond curly wigs, and Zahn and Vetterlein from the “Verein fürs Richtigsein” (Association for Being Right).

In a playful way, Sergej Gößner turns binary gender identities up side down and creates a world of fairs and revues, a story about storytelling. It’s written – how could it be otherwise – in rhymes.

For director Momo Mosel, there is much to discover in Sergej Gößner’s text. “But what appeals to me most is the tension between comedy and absurdity, both in the language and in the content, in connection with the relevancy and seriousness of the subject matter,” she says.

with Michael Amelung, Steven Cloos, Lisa Fedkenheuer

director Momo Mosel

musical director Niklas Handrich

Junges Theater Ingolstadt, 2023