set design, lighting

an evening based on the story by Fjodor Dostojewski

Imagine that Jesus decides to walk the earth once again and is once again sentenced to death. The accusation: He has seduced mankind to free will and thus hopelessly overwhelmed them.

The question of value and necessity of free will, which Fjodor Dostojewski addresses in his timeless fantasy could not be more urgent. It is the most famous chapter from his novel “The Brothers Karamazov”. Performed in the impressive and for the first time staged premises of the Schlick Building, a tragicomic evening of unmasking social criticism finds its perfect counterpart: a slaughterhouse.

with Thomas Kaschel, Valentin Kleinschmidt

production Valentin Kleinschmidt

Landestheater Coburg, Germany 2019

pictures Simon Geistlinger