Licht-Installation für das Nobel Week Lights Festival 2021

Konzept & Planung: Rodrigo Muro, Foteini Kyriakidou

Brunkebergstunneln, Stockholm

Hintergrundinformation in Englisch: The installation aims to be an immersive experience, altering the perception of the tunnel’s physicality. Much like the time continuum altered space into a new reality, the tunnel brings back the memory of the blasting and freezing techniques that made its construction possible. The core of the tunnel will break as well as merge both experiences into a spatial riddle. Different luminous translucent surfaces will visually and emotionally connect to Hot and Cold concepts and bring mystery to the experience, and reshape the physicality of the tunnel. Additional multi-sensorial aspects, sound and heat, add richness to the immersive experience of the Lighting Installation.

The Lighting Installation captures the binomial nature of Alfred Nobel’s character. On one side there is his technical approach, by which he created numerous inventions such as Patent 102 (dynamite) for the benefit of humankind. On the other, his artistic side by which he wrote poetry such as the famous poem You say I am a riddle. Both of these gave inspiration to Riddle 102 and the light installation at Brunkebergstunneln.

Riddle 102 war nominiert für den [d]ark award 2022!

Fotos: Titelbild: Foteini Kyriakidou, #1,4: Rodrigo Muro, #2: Fredrik Andersson